Friday, March 6, 2009

Week one! (we can have lots of fun!*)

My favorite part of the first week of trying to lose weight is that is always the week you lose the most! I will admit to eating my weight in cake and bread last weekend. It didn't help that I had a party to go to and there was cheese and chips and dip and lots of red wine! I won't even tell you what I ate for dinner before the party! Then I buckled down and got serious.
I measured out all my meals, I made my lunches the night before, I ate as cleanly as possible and drink one Sigg bottle an hour of water! I'm eating a lot of high fibre low sugar meals, lean protein and fruits and vegetables. I'm still having my morning coffee and I'm eating a bunch of small meals a day. The biggest help has probably been the ziplock containers I own that are 2 cups. They make bringing lunch into work so easy. I've been going for a walk every day after lunch and only taking the stairs. I even jumped on my elliptical machine this week and since it started being mild my dog got some extra long walks!
When I stepped on the scale this morning I was so happy! I know most of it's water weight BUT my scale is also one of those ones that tells your your body fat percentage and hydration level and I'd gone down three body fat points! Hooray!

4.2lbs from last week!

*Another kudo for anyone who knows what song this is from..hint the beginning isn't "week one"


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way to go!

Margarita said...

OMG Congratulations, that's awesome! I'm trying to get back on my diet too!

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congrats!! that is awesome!

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