Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Beauty inspired by beauty*

If you haven't taken a gander over at 100 Layer Cake then I suggest you get your over there now!
Every post makes my heart pitter patter a bit more. It's beautifully curated, I tried to think of a different word but it really does seem like a well curated collection.

This inspiration board is perhaps what I've been waiting for, not just for my wedding but for my home and well... my whole life! It makes my mind reel with possibilities. A cream dress with seafoam shoes, bridesmaids in terracotta and rose boys in ink with seafoam ties.

These flowers...

Yes sir I'm in lurve. Now we just have to agree on that pesky date thing.

(* Inspired by Kittens Inspired by Kittens..go watch it now!)

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Hannah Noel said...

that is awesome!! Loooovvve it.