Tuesday, March 24, 2009

I heart Yoo.

I got the email today that my J.Crew dress has been shipped! I'm tempted to bring my Spanx in to work so I can try it on when it arrives!
Buying a dress without trying it on is scary so I have some back up dresses just in case I try on the JCrew dress and look like two pigs wrestling under a blanket.
I'm all sorts of in love with this dress from Jenny Yoo. Her name is Paige and she has pockets, she looks vintage but isn't she sort of has sleeves but doesn't really. She falls below the knees. I'd just throw my pearl necklace on and suck it up and buy the matching earrings and were off to the races...or the altar..whichever. Since my pearls are pink I'd get pink shoes to match! She's simple and classy.

Now in Googling this dress I did find a post on a blog that had the bridesmaids try on this dress and it didn't flatter any of them(their words not mine) The one thing that sort of irks me a bit is that if I got this dress in one of the bridesmaids colours in the same fabric it would be about a 100 dollars less. Yes Jenny Yoo is a sneaky snake and ups the price of the white and off white dresses and calls them "Bridal Alternatives" It's still a deal at 425usd though.

The other dress I lurve from Jenny Yoo is this one on the left. Her name is Jocelyn and she's a bit more modern looking than Paige but I still dig her. She has pockets too and she looks a bit more fitted in the chest area, which is something that I'd be worried about on Paige. She looks a bit shorter than Paige but not by much. I dig her little keyhole neckline and I'd probably attach something at the top of it, like a sparkly pin, a tiny bow or one big pearl. I'd wear her with silver flats and a really big beautiful bracelet and red lipstick.
Gosh I never thought I'd be at a point in my life where I referred to dresses by name like they were friends of mine.

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Jenn said...

Haha, I refer to my dress as "her" all the time! :) I love that first Jenny dress!