Friday, March 27, 2009

Friday frustration.

Every week around Thursday I ask The Mister the same thing.

"What is going on this weekend?" This weekend I knew that there was going to be another beer brewing on Saturday and we have an appointment with a photographer on Sunday, so I was sort of asking what else needed to be done. So when he answered and said "Well brewing on Saturday and a record show on Sunday" I was thrown for a loop. See record shows take hours for him. Hours of flipping through bins and looking at labels and pressing numbers and all sorts of weird nerdy record collector stuff. So I was surprised when he told me as there had been no mention of it in the last few weeks.
"Well what time is that because we're meeting the photographer at 2:30"
"Noon, but I made plans for this weeks ago, can't we change the time we see the photographer? Why don't we go see her tomorrow?"
"No, I made this appointment two weeks ago, I asked you if it was fine, you agreed on the time."
"Well I forgot about the record show!"
We were in bed when this conversation was happening so I couldn't storm out of the room or even throw my hands up in the air. Instead I said "I'm glad to know that records are more of a priority than our wedding."
"Why do we have to meet her? Can't she just show up?"
At this point he said "I guess I can go to the record show earlier."

I'm sort of even wondering why were bothering to get married. Why even spend 2500 bucks on something it seems only I'm into? I could spend that money on shoes I could spend it one going to Paris..alone. I could spend it on braces for my teeth! I can think of about 2500 things to spend it on!
Why is everything suddenly an uphill battle? I've compromised and compromised and he doesn't even care.


AmyJean said...

It's funny... after our engagement, we had these little random tifts too... i think sometimes its a little normal. And remember... even though they frustrate the cr** out of us, ultimately we do love them... lol

Katie said...

This is so normal. My fiance just doesn't get involved. He calls it "my wedding" jokingly. (he takes ownership of the honeymoon). I think most brides just have to suck that up and vent into blogs when they don't have a fiance outlet.

He won't get it. It's just a guy thing. (as much as I hate to say it) You're not alone!

Hannah Noel said...

Oh he's just being a boy! He probably just wants to be MARRIED to you and just doens't get the big deal about weddings. Don't worry!

CheapAndEasy said...

I don't know. I mean, yeah he's a guy & they just don't get it but I feel like he needs to suck it up & make it a priority. Not that the details of the ceremony have to be important to him. You can't make him care about something but the fact that it's important to you should make it a priority for him.

For goodness sake Brandy, it's not as if your asking him to decide on the flowers or chairs or guest favors. You haven't asked him to shop for bridesmaid dresses or help you DIY the invitations. You are planning something very simple & he can't be bothered with the photographer? You're right, you have already compromised a lot; the boy needs to step up a little. Perhaps a joint calendar where you both write down appointments or commitments would help. We have to do it that way as my boy travels a lot for work. Actually, I'm the one that keeps it current but it works. Hell, the joint calendar is the only way we get the bills paid!