Friday, March 20, 2009

.4 is a number still.

First off I have to apologize for the craptacular photos of my scale each week. See, I weigh myself first thing in the morning and want to upload the photo here right away. Since my regular camera requires me to turn on the computer, attach cables that I can never find and mess around with files, it's much easier for me to snap the photo with my cell phone. Which does have a 3mp camera in it. Which I laugh about because I read this old issue of Bust magazine I had from years ago and they were talking about these new digital cameras and a top quality one was 3mp and cost about 700 dollars!
I digress. It's also hard to take the photo because after about one second of showing my my weight it then flashes the weight 4 times so I have to press the button leaned over and hope that I get the numbers at the right time. It is quite the production for 7am in my bathroom! Anyhoo..lets get on with the show.

Ok, so I only lost like .4 of a pound. Seriously though I was fully prepared for a bit of gain. St. Patrick's day saw me eating basically a loaf of grilled white bread, crab cakes and several Guinness. I also had a chocolate chip cookie from this really awesome bakery that I didn't even know did chocolate chip cookies and I've been particularly lazy on the exercise front..ok all I did was walk around a bit.

I'm not beating myself up over any of it, .4 is still .4 you know. Even more impressive is that I'm down another point on the body fat reader! Hooray!
So the tally for a month of weigh ins is 6.6lbs! WAIT! It's not week 4 of dieting! So the loss is reflective of 3 weeks meaning on average I'm losing 2.2lbs a week a totally healthy amount!

Please excuse the excessive use of exclaimation marks.


AmyJean said...

.4 of a pound is .4 of 3500 calories. Which means you had a deficit of 1400 calories which is a HUGE deal. That's like 3 big macs or something. Be proud... you've done REAL good! :)


Great job! Keep up the good work...I know how tough it can be. And I totally have the inclination to beat myself up over a half of a pound. It all balances out and pays off in the end though :)