Saturday, March 21, 2009

It's sooner than I thought.

In one hundred and sixty seven days I will be getting married.

It's funny how when we first got engaged our time line was spring 2010 and our budget was 10grand. I'm not even sure when our budget got chopped to 6500 but suddenly I was brainstorming DIY ideas and cutting our guest list.
Then all of a sudden it was 2500 and the wedding was this fall on a Friday afternoon followed by dinner...then it changed to tea. We only made the switch to high tea after realising that the only cuisine that everyone across the board seemed to like was Italian and our favorite Italian places were either closed for renovations or in Montreal. Also people tend to drink at dinner and even if certain relatives swore up and down that they wouldn't get drunk I could not trust them to do so. Tea instantly got rid of that option. There will be two glasses of champagne but that is it.

It wasn't a matter of we couldn't afford our first and second options which is probably why I had such a hard time wrestling with my emotions over giving them up. Certain traditions that I was so looking forward to, first dance, cutting the cake, dancing with my father, now are all gone from my actual wedding day. Sure we will most likely do them next summer at the reception party but will it feel the same? I'm not sure. I'm incredibly fearful that the reception party won't even happen. It has to happen though. Has to. Here is one reason why....

Image from: Better Homes and Gardens
Seriously if that cake is not at the reception party I will shed many tears. I will make it a special invitation and it better RSVP yes or else!


Mo said...

Oh dear, that cake looks SO GOOD.
My sister did something similar--she had a City Hall ceremony and then we had a bbq with under 30 people.
This summer she's having a reception with the yummy cake and dancing with everyone they couldn't invite to City Hall.
I think if you want it to happen, it's gonna happen. With that cake. Mmmm...

jane in the waiting line said...

that cake looks amazing. yum!

Krista said...

I have heard of people doing a first dance, dance with father and cutting the cake at tea. Seriously - do it. Everyone will understand there won't be universal dancing after the fact ... but I'm sure everyone will be fine with you doing those things. (ANd if they're not fine with it, it's because they have a bug up their bum!)