Friday, March 27, 2009

Week 5...well I'm still alive.

Well I knew it would happen eventually. I gained weight. I think it's mostly water weight and maybe even some muscle because the fat percentage part was down more! Ok, so for the sake of being completely honest I'm going to tell you that the first time I did the fat reading it was a 39.6% yeah almost half of my body was fat. That image is pretty bleak. It's been steadily falling over the last 4 weeks last week if I remember correctly last week it was 34%. This morning it told me I was only 31.4% fat. Sweet! I know scales aren't 100% accurate in these readings but down is still down right?
Next week I'm going to start upping my exercise. I'm aiming to walk for an hour or more each day and spend at least 20 minutes on the elliptical machine and do one of my dvd's 3 times a week. I figure if I aim to do a lot even if I only end up doing half of that I'll still be good! I'm happy that winter is over so I can get back outside again!

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AmyJean said...

Very cool! :) congrats on lower fat! YAY!