Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Mother of the Bride..bleh.

(This is how I feel right now.)
I have at best a weird relationship with my mother. It's not strained but it is not healthy. It's really hard to explain without dragging out all that baggage...let's just say that if you watched a movie about our relationship you would watch it peaking through your fingers and then afterwards you'd tell everyone that movie you saw was funny but also it made you nervous.
Except she doesn't actually know that. Somehow she remains blissfully clueless about how much money in therapy she has cost me. Like I said it's incredibly weird.

So after not talking to me for several weeks she calls me tonight and I ask her about telling my Aunt about the wedding because of the email I got from my second cousin. Turns out she decided to tell everyone that I was getting married in September and there was going to be 40 people invited. I realise she has mishmashed together bits of the various things that I have told her but it was never going to be 40 people this fall. Then she goes "Oh so my sisters aren't invited?" I again explained the reception next year to her and she says snippily "well then who are the people invited?" ARGGGHHH. I've told her this about 10 times already! I will admit that she didn't know about having tea, but the last plan she knew was the same people who are invited to the tea except it was going to be dinner.
Then she asks me if I'm tired because I sound tired.
Um no I sound like I am clenching my freaking jaw because I am about to scream and smash the phone repeatedly into the wall.
Then she changes the subject to something she is looking at because that is her M.O

Then I called my sister and we bitched about it for a bit.


Krista said...

Oh dear ... that sounds incredibly strained.

AmyJean said...

Yikes... that def. sounds difficult. Good luck. I don't think i have any good advice for this but to try to focus on the happiness of the day without getting too discouraged by outside factors!!! It will be wonderful! :)