Monday, March 2, 2009

OH! MY!! GAWD!!!

Today I alarmed my co-workers by squealing with joy! I might have also thrown my fists into the air and yelled "YES!"
Because today I won my very first contest! Seriously I enter contests all. of. the. time and have never won anything so when I checked my email and saw the word "winner" in an email from AmyJean aka The Relentless Bride for some reason I thought perhaps she was emailing everyone that entered! Somehow I had read her post before the contest winner was picked and the ones after but I skipped the actual post!

I'm so thrilled to win a gift certificate for Wedding Paper Divas! What's even sweeter is because our guest list is so tiny it will practically pay for ALL of our invites if I wanted it to! Crazy!

And yes I spent the last 10 minutes of my work day looking at all the pretty invites!
Tomorrow I see the potential venue, it's starting to feel like it might actually happen!


Jess and Frankie said...

thats awesome! congrats!

Fall Wedding Bride said...


Wedding Corner said...

That is Fantastic!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

that's awesome!!! can't wait to see what you pick out.

Mo said...

Imagine the great feeling you'll have once you cross "invites" off your budget list. Too cool.

Katie said...


now just need a date a place, huh? ;-)

AmyJean said...

sorry it took so long to get the results to you... :) i'm so glad you are happy! :)