Sunday, June 28, 2009


Sorry there hasn't been much posting, I've been slowly editing the photos from the wedding I went to on my birthday! This is one of my favorite photos of the day.

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loves it!

One of the things I cannot resist is vintage cook books. Books written in a time when things like lard and fat were common ingredients and lobster, whipped cream, scallops, chicken and peaches all appeared in the same recipe! I love looking at the "casual" parties that housewives of yore were instructed to whip together and at the same time look calm, happy and stylish.
Don't you love how happy the woman in the first photo is? It's breakfast on the patio! She's already fully dressed and coiffed and has presumably made muffins, two omelets, some meat looking things and a pot of coffee! AND she's not even eating! He's totally digging in like the hungry man he his but you know she's totally just having coffee for breakfast and maybe some Valium to help take the edge off. Also she's having her coffee black because sugar and cream will obviously go straight to her hips! I love it! I love the deck with the yellow flowers and orange table set. LOVE IT!

Then there is that cake! Which is like it says "Pure Gold"!! I used to browse my moms cake cook books all the time when I was a kid. I'm not sure why she had so many because she certainly didn't just make cakes! How sweet would it be to have just another tier on top of this one with the simple piping? Although you'd lose that chilled out sun who makes me happy with his whole "I am the sun, be happy, stay tanned" vibe. I dig that sun.

Oh and look everything is orange and yellow!

Friday, June 19, 2009

I got it...yeah baby I got it!

I am happy to announce that I'm excited about weddings again! HOORAY!

Honestly I was pretty over it for a bit.(as if you couldn't tell!) and wasn't sure if I could get my mojo back.

I just needed a bit of a break to regroup and breathe a bit.

Because there are dresses like this to look at!

Things we like.

Psychedelic illustrations.
The Mister is a HUGE Beatles fan and collector and I was raised by hippies and my dad was an artist who drew some pretty weird shizz back in the late 60's(he still has all his old sketch books and theres some far out stuff!) so as I kid I have a lot of fond memories of the music and art from this period. Looking at the art of Peter Max(bottom two) and the Sesame Street Pinball Counting segment make me feel happy and think that something really amazing is about to happen.


I've been a BIG fan of for about 3 or 4 years now. I spend a lot of time just browsing around and saving sellers to my faves. I don't remember what I was looking for when I stumbled upon Whichgoose who makes natural crowns but when I saw these butterfly hair clips I fell head over heels. I personally would wear them a lot but also think that they would look super adorable in a flowergirls hair, especially so for an outdoor wedding!

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Brace face...

Well I realised yesterday that I should have been an orthodontist.

After what seemed like a very long time of having the orthodontist touch my teeth(seriously nothing is weirder than having your teeth fondled.) opening and closing my mouth and having my jaw wiggled into it's proper position he laid it down for me. He said a bunch of things about bites and crowding and asymmetry but the the two things he said that really stood out were this...
"Your looking at a year and a half to two years and the max cost would be 6300 for everything."


He said it could be less but it wouldn't be any more than that, it really depended on my teeth.

Were talking old school silver braces here. My teeth don't even qualify for the Invisalign system.

I always wanted the silver ones though so it's cool.

Then he mentioned my jaw and how my bite is all sorts of messed up because my bottom jaw decided to stop growing before my top jaw did. I do sometimes notice if my mouth is closed all the way that my chin is off to one side. I tend to not close my mouth all the way because it starts to hurt my jaw. So this off side chin of mine could be fixed if it really bothered breaking my jaw. Whoa right? That wouldn't happen until 6 months before my braces came off and as the Ortho said "It's not fun and you wouldn't want to go outside for about a week and you eat only liquids or mush for about 6 weeks."
It's something to think about but it would mean I didn't have to wear a night guard every night. Nothing sets the mood like a night guard.

I sort of have to get braces. At this point my teeth are shifting because I clench them while I sleep, the night guard just keeps them from wearing down, when I wake up in the morning I've clenched my teeth so hard that they are stuck in the guard and I have to pry them off. In the last little while it's been getting harder to actually chew, I have to have yogurt for breakfast because I honestly can't chew for the first few hours of my day.

But YIKES 6300 dollars is a lot of money! Of course he has a payment plan but I still need to come up with an extra 1300 for the initial payment. I'm seriously thinking of getting a part time job on weekends. Sigh.

Friday, June 12, 2009

It's Friday and it's June.

Anyone still checking in on me?

So the wedding last weekend was lovely. It was an intimate affair at a restaurant. My dress was a smash, my shoes ate up the one toe that shoes ALWAYS seem to destroy for me. Seriously that one weird toe always gets so abused. To toot my own horn I looked and felt muy picante! I'm not even sure if that is Spanish.
I did score 3 small vases at the end of the night as per the brides insistence that we take home the centre pieces. I heart vases so I'm a happy girl.

I'm reading so many blogs of brides who are getting married soon and am so excited by and for them. All the while I'm trying to figure out what exactly it is that we want to do. I'm thinking next Spring to Fall. I'm basically giving us until September to figure it out. I'm going to buy a journal and write down all of our favorite things. I think our wedding should ultimately reflect who we are and the things we love. This may mean that we end up serving fish and chips in a garden while we listen to vintage soul music and I wear a crazy over the top gown...but it will be us and that is what I want most. Une célébration de nous.

I am the most indifferent bride, which honestly is truly surprising to me. Oh well. It's not that I don't care really, it's that there are so many things I could easily see us doing that I can't pick one.

In health news I get my ECG results next week, will I have a hole in my heart? Will I have to go get more tests? We shall see. I'm at peace with it now. What ever is going on is already doing so and worrying about it doesn't help it. Also I made an appointment with an orthodontist for a consult. Yes at the age of 32 I might just get braces. A good friend of mine once said something like "Five years is always going to be the same amount of time." We had been talking about school but it applies to everything. Time is time no matter how much we wish it wasn't so why put off things you truly want to do.

This post is really random and all over the place I apologize. I'm not saying it's the 3 glasses of white wine I've had...but you's Friday and it's June.

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Problem solved!

Found shoes! Not the ones from the last post, I went out this morning to get them and decided to drop into Winners(TJ Maxx for any Americans) and there in the 81/2 aisle were these....

After a couple of text messages to my shoe obsessed sister I bought them. They were also 20 dollars cheaper than the Aldo ones! Hooray! Of course this means I now have to give myself a pedicure! Like right now!

Friday, June 5, 2009

Shoe problem!

I just went and got about 3 inches of hair cut off. I needed it, but it's so weird to have shoulder length hair instead of it mid back. My stylist though is going to help me grow it back to that length but keep it looking nice and not like a scraggly witch wig.

Tomorrow I will be getting up at the crack of dawn and going shoe shopping. I went today and found a shoe I liked but of course the mate was missing. I was looking for a black satin heel that was also cheap. As I always do I browse the web for what I'm looking for and then head out. Aldo seemed to have several shoes that fit the bill so I headed there.

Don't you just hate it when a store doesn't have stuff from the website?

Honestly I didn't really look too hard, I had about 40 minutes to find something. I hit 4 stores in that time frame ending up at the Aldo outlet where they had a pair that were exactly what I was looking for, cute, open toe, black satin pumps. I ask for an 8 and 9. The sales guy comes out and says they only have a 5 and an 11. BOO. So I grab another shoe. One that has a hidden platform, closed square toe, also in black satin. He brings out the sizes and says he found the first shoe in a 9 with the new shoe! Hooray! I put the first shoe on and stand up and instantly think:


The open toe basically felt like a razor across my big toe. I tried on the other shoe on my other foot. I stand there with two different shoes on and think about if I could deal with the pain of the open toe. I finally snap the heck out of it, who buys shoes that instantly cause pain?!? I open the box to get the other shoe of the second shoe(you following?) and the box is empty. The sales guy comes over and says he's looking for it right now. While he's looking I fall more in love with the second shoe, it's comfortable, walkable and damn sexy. Everything a shoe should be.

Finally he comes back and shrugs "It's not on the shelves, it should be, but I can't find it."

Here is the shoe.

Obviously this isn't the satin one. Now they did have it in regular black leather and patent leather and I'm seriously thinking that it might just be worth it to get them in either of those.

If anyone is out there..please let me know what you think? Shiny black or matte black? Would shiny black be a bit too much?

Thursday, June 4, 2009


Today I cancelled our photographer, luckily we hadn't signed anything or put a deposit down yet, but she had made up a contract and only because of bad timing we weren't able to get our deposit to her. Phew.
I also cancelled the tea. I'm waiting to hear back from the catering manager to see if we lose our deposit or not. If we do lose it I will see if they can move the tea to a different date and use it for some other event.

Cancelling things made me feel a pang of sadness and admittedly I teared up a bit. Right now though, after it's all been done. I feel relieved.

On top of my health being weird right now there were other things that lead me to cancel it. Delay it, I should say. It's delayed until I feel like having it!

The fact that one of my bff's wouldn't be able to attend really stung. That the original plan was to do it this way so we could fix up the house and have a child asap. I'd rather have my house renos all done or at least most of the main floor done. I want to enter my front door and feel like I'm at home and not just in a house that has gross beige carpet and 80's wallpaper. I want to love my house and I don't. Not one bit. The fact that music and food is such a big part of our lives and we weren't going to have any dancing made me feel like puking. There wasn't going to be the banana chocolate chip cake with dulce de leche filling and buttercream icing, which is a cake we came up with several years ago as what we MUST HAVE AT OUR WEDDING. I mean we were giving up a cake that we dreamt up before we were even engaged! All the reasons I have mentioned here in my various "Oh my god what the hell am I doing?!?!?!" posts.

I feel better and happier and confident that this is the right thing to do.

Monday, June 1, 2009

Tried it! Loved it!

I'm in love with Stila's Pomegranate Lip and Cheek Stain. My lips are naturally red and this stain makes them look like I just drank some red wine whereas other tints I have tried have done nothing. Although I haven't yet tried it on my cheeks as I'm also pasty white and it might look a bit harsh.

I can't wait to wear it with my Nanette Lepore at my friends wedding this weekend. Just going to keep it simple with some shimmery pale eyeshadow, a touch of black eye liner and stained lips with clear balm on top. Red nails of course.