Friday, June 5, 2009

Shoe problem!

I just went and got about 3 inches of hair cut off. I needed it, but it's so weird to have shoulder length hair instead of it mid back. My stylist though is going to help me grow it back to that length but keep it looking nice and not like a scraggly witch wig.

Tomorrow I will be getting up at the crack of dawn and going shoe shopping. I went today and found a shoe I liked but of course the mate was missing. I was looking for a black satin heel that was also cheap. As I always do I browse the web for what I'm looking for and then head out. Aldo seemed to have several shoes that fit the bill so I headed there.

Don't you just hate it when a store doesn't have stuff from the website?

Honestly I didn't really look too hard, I had about 40 minutes to find something. I hit 4 stores in that time frame ending up at the Aldo outlet where they had a pair that were exactly what I was looking for, cute, open toe, black satin pumps. I ask for an 8 and 9. The sales guy comes out and says they only have a 5 and an 11. BOO. So I grab another shoe. One that has a hidden platform, closed square toe, also in black satin. He brings out the sizes and says he found the first shoe in a 9 with the new shoe! Hooray! I put the first shoe on and stand up and instantly think:


The open toe basically felt like a razor across my big toe. I tried on the other shoe on my other foot. I stand there with two different shoes on and think about if I could deal with the pain of the open toe. I finally snap the heck out of it, who buys shoes that instantly cause pain?!? I open the box to get the other shoe of the second shoe(you following?) and the box is empty. The sales guy comes over and says he's looking for it right now. While he's looking I fall more in love with the second shoe, it's comfortable, walkable and damn sexy. Everything a shoe should be.

Finally he comes back and shrugs "It's not on the shelves, it should be, but I can't find it."

Here is the shoe.

Obviously this isn't the satin one. Now they did have it in regular black leather and patent leather and I'm seriously thinking that it might just be worth it to get them in either of those.

If anyone is out there..please let me know what you think? Shiny black or matte black? Would shiny black be a bit too much?


Margarita said...

I really adore the patent leather. They give them a little special extra something!

Hannah Noel said...

Ohh that IS a sexy shoe!! Honestly-- I say if that's the shoe you want to wear, then wear it!