Thursday, June 25, 2009

Loves it!

One of the things I cannot resist is vintage cook books. Books written in a time when things like lard and fat were common ingredients and lobster, whipped cream, scallops, chicken and peaches all appeared in the same recipe! I love looking at the "casual" parties that housewives of yore were instructed to whip together and at the same time look calm, happy and stylish.
Don't you love how happy the woman in the first photo is? It's breakfast on the patio! She's already fully dressed and coiffed and has presumably made muffins, two omelets, some meat looking things and a pot of coffee! AND she's not even eating! He's totally digging in like the hungry man he his but you know she's totally just having coffee for breakfast and maybe some Valium to help take the edge off. Also she's having her coffee black because sugar and cream will obviously go straight to her hips! I love it! I love the deck with the yellow flowers and orange table set. LOVE IT!

Then there is that cake! Which is like it says "Pure Gold"!! I used to browse my moms cake cook books all the time when I was a kid. I'm not sure why she had so many because she certainly didn't just make cakes! How sweet would it be to have just another tier on top of this one with the simple piping? Although you'd lose that chilled out sun who makes me happy with his whole "I am the sun, be happy, stay tanned" vibe. I dig that sun.

Oh and look everything is orange and yellow!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

i wish i looked so poised in the morning! actually i wish the BF would make me that breakfast every morning.;)

CheapAndEasy said...

I wish I looked that poised anytime! I love the stuff that's a little older where the women are not just fully dressed, coiffed & made-up but actually wearing dresses with perfectly clean frilly aprons. Then apparently they clean the house all day, shower, make-up, dress (& apron) to be ready with a hot 4-course meal when hubby gets home. Eaten at the perfectly set dining table, of course!

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