Friday, June 19, 2009

I got it...yeah baby I got it!

I am happy to announce that I'm excited about weddings again! HOORAY!

Honestly I was pretty over it for a bit.(as if you couldn't tell!) and wasn't sure if I could get my mojo back.

I just needed a bit of a break to regroup and breathe a bit.

Because there are dresses like this to look at!


Mo said...

Glad that you got your wedding groove back Brandy. =D

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

LOL. Welcome BACK! Great dress.

Lysandra said...

Oh I've been in the exact same spot the past month - and I'm getting it back slowly too.

That dress sure helps!

chicncheap said...

Haha, take breaks when you need to, we all do!

Love the Van Gogh and Gustav Klimt, such an inspired collection!

NuFlaiir said...

Welcome back.
I know the feeling... I just took a "wedding break" myself :-)
Love the dress!!!


AmyJean said...

YAY!! Glad you got your groove back! :)
Relentless Bride