Monday, March 9, 2009


Normally I hate Mondays. Mondays means I'm as many days possible away from the weekend.
This Monday though is totally going down in the books as the BEST MONDAY EVER!
Today I found out that not only am I getting a raise but I'm also getting a bonus!
I seriously thought about dropping to my knees and weeping with joy but instead I looked at wedding and food blogs and various other pretty websites that may or may not have contained shoes.

Honestly I didn't expect either. In this economy I am just happy to have a job to show up to every day when so many people don't.

In wedding news: We're still hashing out the details but we MAY have a date and a plan. This is the way we are. We talk then go and think about it separately then come back to the table and talk some more. There are pros and cons to our plan and we(ok I) have to make sure that I am happy that the pros out weigh the cons.


AmyJean said...

YAY! progress :)

Krista said...

You may have a date - that's fantastic news!

Katie said...

congrats! that IS a good monday!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

congrats on the raise and the bonus.