Saturday, January 31, 2009


I got tagged by Authentically U! for the Honest Scrap award! Thanks lady!

Ten random facts! I love facts and I love random so giddy up!!

  1. I have had every hair colour(except for green) and I've had every length from shaved to paste my waist! It's currently just past my shoulders but recently I've been thinking I'll cut it short after the wedding.

  2. I still cry because I miss my Nanny who died when I was 13. I can't even think about her without tearing up.

  3. I have a low heart rate it's below 60, apparently 70 is normal. When I get a hit of adrenalin I go into shock and it sucks. I am basically unable to get really mad or scared without shaking like a leaf.

  4. I like to make up imaginary back stories for people I see in public doing odd things.

  5. I LOVE getting things in the mail old school styles.

  6. If I could afford to get braces right now I would. I dislike my teeth although most people when I mention this fact say "what? your teeth aren't crooked!" they are.

  7. I say "both" and "ambulance" wrong. I say "bolth" and "amblance" people often ask me where my accent is from except I totally don't have's just a speech impediment.
  8. I always say hi to animals I walk by.
  9. The best marks I got in school were always on the papers I started and finished just hours before they were due.
  10. I love horses but have never ridden one although I have groomed them and cleaned their stalls.

Again I'm not going to tag anyone...I know, I know, I'm totally going to have bad luck for 5 years or whatever. Consider yourself tagged if you read this and haven't been tagged...aren't I a sneaky snake!

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CheapAndEasy said...

I do the back story thing too!