Thursday, January 15, 2009

I hate winter but it sure is pretty.

Frozen Lake Ladylike

Frozen Lake Ladylike by somethingweddings

Right now according to the Weather Network it feels like -23C outside(5F for anyone who doesn't do the Metric system.) I can honestly say I am not a big fan of winter. Nope not one bit. I hate being cold and because I'm anemic it seems to take me longer than the average bear to get warm again. My nose instantly runs the second I step outside and no matter how hard I try I cannot keep my scarf in a place that doesn't create a weird micro climate on my face. Blah. I do however appreciate the beauty of winter, piles of snow, clear inky Sky and the way the light seems to be filtered and soft. I like winter beauty best when snuggled up in a duvet by a far dressed head to toe in thermal wear!

I have heard though that winter months are the months for discounts in the world of weddings. I'm not sure how true this is but it makes sense that a wedding in January right after the holiday rush would be a way to work some sweet deals. If I got married next winter I'd have to hunt down a venue with a fireplace or a view of a frozen lake. I'd want comfort food, a warm soup, butternut risotto come to mind. I'd serve hot drinking chocolate and tell people to bring their ice skates (and have extras on hand) to have a group skate while roasting marshmallow on a bonfire. I would base the colours on the frozen lake I remember from when I was a child. Dark Navy, with frosty white, gray and silver with a bit of pink in there as a surprise. Because everyone likes seeing a bit of colour in the winter months.

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