Friday, January 16, 2009

3 minute photos!

So after nine years how does someone propose? I mean it's not really going to be a surprise is it? Not long after we moved in together (just 7 months after meeting!) we started talking about getting married. Now at the time I was obsessed with opals and was convinced that I wanted an opal engagement ring. If The Mister was smart he would have hightailed it into the nearest jewellery store and bought me a nice big opal, because once I actually entered a jewellery store and looked at all the pretty sparkly things and the sales assistant let me try on the biggest diamond in the store I was instantly converted to diamonds. I suddenly got what all the fuss was about! So how did we end up not getting engaged for nine years? Well you'd have to ask The Mister about that! More importantly though how did it happen?

A bit of back story....The Mister used to dj at a popular club every Saturday night, so for 4 or so years of our relationship I was a Saturday night widow. Meaning that I attended most friend group gathering solo for a long time. So when he finally stopped djing one of the things I was happiest about was finally having a date for friend get togethers. So when an invite went out for a fall BBQ gathering I was excited to go because the friends hosting also just happen to have an adorable 5 month old baby boy. The day of The Mister told me he wasn't going as he had some errands to run. I was miffed to say the least. I got to our friends house and told them The Mister was running errands and might join us later. It was a good, fun shin dig full of good friends and yummy food and good drink. Around 8:45pm he called me and said he was downtown meeting another friend of ours and that I should go meet him. WHAT? I was having a perfectly good time at the party and why didn't he just come there? I told him just that and said I'd talk to him later.
He called back at 9pm and asked me again to come meet him this time at a bar we both like, fine I figured I could meet him there and then we could go home. I told him I'd meet him at 9:30.
At 9:45 he called me again and I shushed my friends and pretended I was in a cab on my way! As soon as I got off the phone I called a cab and complained about him not coming to the party and how I had to go meet him. A friend joked that he was going to propose and I laughed. Honestly though I knew.
The whole cab ride I thought "Hows he going to do it?" he'd told me many times that he's known how he was going to propose for years. I was meeting him at Toronto Union Station and we would walk over to the bar we liked after a game of pinball.
I walked into the station and he said "We should go get new photo booth photos for our frame"
He wanted to go first and he got in and I fiddled with the curtain and he snapped "don't touch the curtain!" that was when I knew. As he took photos in the photo booth I took photos of myself with my cellphone.
He came out and we waited for the photos. He seemed really nervous and asked how long the photos took, should they take this long? Finally they popped out and I carefully took them out and looked at them.

There in each frame was my man looking very serious holding a sign up...

I looked up and he was on one knee with a ring box. He repeated his offer out loud and I kept saying "really?" I think I said it about 85 times even after the ring was on my finger! I couldn't believe it! Then our loan witness, a security guard, gave us a round of applause and we both started laughing.
We ran and caught the train home and the whole way I kept staring at my finger and trying not to shout "OH MY GOD I'M ENGAGED!" at a train full of strangers! My ring is a cushion cut diamond surrounded by smaller diamonds in a setting that is sort of a modern art deco design. A friend our ours who is a jeweller made it. I knew The Mister would do good but I didn't realise just how good!

The Mister told me he looks so serious in the photos because he was so nervous that he wouldn't get the signs in the photo that he forgot to smile! How cute it that!

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Hannah Noel said...

Awww, what an awesome story! man, he did GOOD! Very creative and sweet =)