Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Like a borrowed sweater.

Fall in love. by somethingweddings

Autumn hands down is my favorite season. It's also the season that the Mister asked me to be his girlfriend and 9 years later his wife. But I favored it far before then. Fall was when school started and for me that meant new clothes! Every year I thought "This year I am going to wear the outfit that changes my life" I knew the power of a good look at a very young age.

My sisters favorite colour growing up was always purple, which is funny because I don't recall her having too many purple things. I think she just liked the way the word sounded! I could never settle on just one favorite.
Chocolate brown came into rotation sometime in my late teens, it's sort of stuck around since then. Orange, brown and purple to me are the perfect fall colours. Autumn broken down to it's simpliest palette.

The feeling would be warm and cozy. I'd probably have something hand knit, cozys for whatever is holding the centerpieces or even if I was ambitious and really productive table runners or a little shall for every lady! Oh the way my mind wanders when given unlimited amounts of cash and time! I'd want everyone to feel like they entered a magical space where something extraordinary was bound to happen.

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