Friday, January 23, 2009

Is it spring yet?

Is it just me or has this January been the worlds longest? I cannot believe there is still a whole week left! I'm exhausted by it. Exhausted by the thought of a couple of more months of dreary weather and snow and sweaters and ohhhhhhh. I'm beginning to think that all those animals that hibernate really got it right. Eat a bunch of food and then go to sleep for the winter and then wake up when it's nice out and your really skinny! Sounds perfect!

One of the magazines I love is Better Homes and Gardens. Just the title alone is pleasing! Yes it might seem like a magazine aimed at an older demographic but honestly a lot of the ideas in there just really tickle my fancy and who doesn't like having their fancy tickled?

I haven't picked up the most recent issue but I have flipped through it and one of the articles was about forcing branches to bud and bloom for some spring colour in the dead of winter. Now they don't have the same article on their web page but they have a similar article. Although the arrangements in the current issue are even more yummy!

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im sooo ready for spring!!