Thursday, January 22, 2009

32 by 32?

I mentioned here that I plan on not trying on dresses until I was down a few lbs. I also mention the things I was planning on doing in the new year..well it's just about a month into '09 and I've been to the gym exactly..oh wait that's right I haven't! The only exercise I have been getting is shovelling the mountains of snow that seem to never stop falling from the sky and shivering non-stop. Over the holidays I gained 2lbs which isn't so bad...except I haven't lost those two pounds yet.


Let me tell you some facts about me. I was thin my whole life, my mother (who I have yet to mention because the emotional baggage there is waaay over the weight limit for this airline) used to play me and my best friends off each other basically telling one that they would never be as skinny as the other because of whatever reason. I ate whatever I wanted when I wanted, half a cake at 3am? Why the heckballs not? I gained some weight at some point but apparently gained it all the the bust region. I didn't mind the new curves. Then at some point for whatever reason I started packing on the pounds. I knew I'd gained some weight but really didn't have a clue how much until we got back some photos from a party and I saw myself for the first time in a candid shot and burst into tears. Even though I was dressed head to toe in what I thought was a slimming black outfit I looked about 185lbs. I changed my eating habits a bit and just went on my merry way. But it's hard to change your eating habits when you live with a man who seems to lose 20lbs while eating a pizza! Every cupboard hides temptations of the delish variety! A couple of months later I was weighed at my doctors office and the scale was in the 170's, last year it was 159 and then this year it was 171. So that's where I started this time around 171lbs around November 5th. As of this morning I'm 162.8 according to my high tech scale. I'm just about 5'7" and I'm considered small boned. My ideal weight would be around 130lb.

I'm so close to the 150's right now. I know that all I have to do is hit the gym a couple of times a week and not be tempted by the ever present confections and junk food that seem to taunt me everywhere I go! In the last year I've been dealing with some health issues, nothing serious but perhaps being a healthier weight would ease them just bit.

So to recap...

Start weight. 171lbs (nov.5.08)
Current weight. 162.8lbs (Jan.22.09)
Goal. 130lbs.

32.8lbs to go! Wonder if I can get there by my 32nd birthday this June?!


Jenn said...

Wow, I seriously admire your honesty and outlook. I was the same way...super tiny and ate whatever I wanted. The I started taking a little pink pill and blew up like a Thanksgiving Day Parade balloon! :) Seriously, I'm about 145 right now (I'm also 5'7")and I'd like to get back down to 130 or so. I'll be working hard over the next 4 months, that's for sure. :(

Keep updating on your progress!

Katie said...

Good for you!
I'm 5'5" going for 125...but I never feel like I look as heavy as the scale says. Maybe that's my problem!!

Mo said...

You can do it!! I gained weight while studying abroad years ago, and I just recently lost the pounds I put on.

Some of the things that helped me was writing everything I ate down in a notebook and drinking lots and lots of water. I also never missed breakfast (oatmeal,) and substituted sweets with yogurt.

You also might want to sign up for a fun class for exercise (I take cardio dance now.) Keep us posted!

Adrienne said...

You absolutely can do it!! Stay with it, even when you think nothing is happening, you will notice a change soon!


good luck on your weight loss! i'm all about it myself...and need to keep with it! my wedding is only 2months away!!