Saturday, January 10, 2009

Gosh my lips are chapped!

For some bizarre reason my lips are incredibly chapped right now. In fact they are not even chapped and flaky, they almost feel burned...perhaps wind burned? They are really weirdly smooth but also incredibly painful. I've been applying industrial strength blistex and some medicated lip balm for "extremely dry lips" which smells strangely like Vicks vapour rub. Which reminds me of a funny story from when the Mister and I had just started dating and he was down for the weekend and I was sick and when I get really ill I bundle myself up in multiple layers, hide under blankets drinking copious amounts of "Hot Lemon Drink" which is the store brand of Neo Citron that I always get because I like saying I'm having a "Hot Lemon Drink" I'm in bed wearing thermal underwear, a turtle neck, a wool sweater, a pair of flannel pants, two pairs of wool socks, fingerless winter mittens and a hat (I'm a firm believer in "sweating it out") and the Mister is arrives and hugs me and says "I really like the perfume your wearing" and I'm all "really? are you joking?" and he says "No..what is it? It reminds me of something...from when I was little." and I started laughing and told him it was Vicks! Who would have thought! I guess it probably triggers a memory of being taken care of when ill!

I'm cursing myself because I know that on my desk at work is my Smiths Rosebud Salve. Just the word "salve" makes my lips feel better! It treats minor burns! AND diaper rash! It's pretty much just some old school salve for whatever ails you! I'm kind of big on beauty products. My bathroom is an explosion of jars and tubes for various things. Right now off the top of my head I can tell you that I have 5 different facial cleansers in there. I have one that's a facial milk that I use as soon as I get home to get rid of makeup and "surface impurities" it's thick like a cream and you smooth it on and wipe it off with tissues. Sort of like cold cream. I have a cleanser for when my face is incredibly dry and one for when it's oily and freaking out from hormones that leave me with acne that makes me look like I'm 14 again. My skin has never really figured out that I have made it out of high school it goes from alabaster to pizza pie seemingly over night. I have never found one thing that seems to be able to make it stay one way..preferably the alabaster since I really have had enough of the pimples!

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