Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Just imagine.

Tonight's lottery is 33 million dollars. I don't play the lottery that often, only when it's a really big one like tonight. They say money doesn't buy happiness, which personally I think is a crock of potatoes because honestly I think if I had 33 million dollars I would probably have a bit of a smile on my face all of the time, even when I was sleeping! I'd spend the first 48 hours just staring at my bank statement and laughing like a maniac. Then I'd go shopping.

I cannot even fathom having that much money. Heck a million dollars would baffle me for a little bit! I was at Holt Renfrew(which is like Nordstroms or Neiman Marcus) last weekend and they were having their annual "Now or Never" sale and stuff was up to 70% off! Even with deep discounts shoes I liked were still in the hundreds of dollars! A 5 grand dress at 70% off might be a steal to some but it still makes me reach for the smelling salts! I didn't buy anything but my 3 girlfriends all scored great deals. I live vicariously through them!

Needless to say the budget for our wedding would go up just a wee bit! Heck I could fly all the guests to a French chateau and have a week long fete! I could wear an Oscar de la Renta Dress...every day! I could buy all my bridesmaids diamond earrings and whole new wardrobes! I could hire my favorite bands to play! I could have an edible gold cake covered in real pearls! But I wouldn't because I have a strict rule about how things on food should always be edible! I could give cruises as favors! The endless redonkulous possibilities would be insane.

Funnily enough I'd face the same dilemma with a million dollar budget as I would with a minuscule head would be spinning with possibilities.

I guess either way I'm only limited by my imagination!


Hannah Noel said...

btw--- I'm ghostly white too!! I went for an Ivory wedding dress-- it really compliments my whiteness!

Anonymous said...

Hee -- i hear you! I am always baffled when people talk about the lottery all "i can't begin to imagine what i'd do with all that money." Seriously?! I could spend it in, like, two weeks. Easy :-)