Sunday, January 18, 2009

Carte Blanche!

I don't think I've mentioned yet how The Mister has given me carte blanche in regards to our wedding. What I decide though seems to have some affect on other aspects of our lives though.
It's hard for me to decide on what I want without wondering how that choice is going to affect the other things. It's doubly hard when I know that I would be happy with a small backyard wedding just as much as I would be happy with a big dinner and dancing wedding.

I do know a few things for sure though which instantly limit the options.

  1. We have a small budget. A budget that is about half of what the city average is. I plan on using my skills as a crafty mofo to keep certain things on budget and put our personal touch to the whole shindig.
  2. We want a venue where we can bring our own booze in. We are admitted beer snobs, we have a beer cellar..yep beer cellar. We have use a beer broker to get imported beers that are not available in the liquor store. I'm also getting more into wine these days and adding some of those to the cellar.

We live in a major city. A city where the average cost per person is 200-300 dollars per person according to the interwebs. Lucky for us the most we would invite would be 75 people and that is including people that might just "have" to be invited to save face and most likely wouldn't show. Which brings a problem with finding a venue that can host a small gathering. Some places that I thought were perfect require a minimum number of guests usually around 100. There are several heritage sites that are absolutely beautiful but then you read the fine print and see that their approved caterers which you have to use charge you an extra 15% heritage tax on top of everything. These things add up fast.

I'll talk about being a beer snob in another post. It's actually funny being a girl who knows more about beer than most people. I've always been a bit of a food and drink snob though so obviously that's an aspect of finding a venue that I need to look at.

I am feeling generally overwhelmed by the task at hand. Other than budget I have no direction to go on which leaves me with many options and I think using my usual method of decision making IE: Ennie Meenie just wouldn't work that well!


Hannah Noel said...

Take a deep breath and try not to get overwhelmed! I know it's hard (I almost do it once or twice a week).

Everything will be okay and will all work out in the end! =)

Katie said...

hey! check out my blog, I tagged you.
and good luck with venue hunting. (we definitely weren't lucky enough to find a place that allows us to bring our own alcohol :-( )

jane in the waiting line said...

hey i tagged you too! i wonder if its the same award? if so you are fabulous X2!!

Mo said...

This sounds a lot like our situation! The boy is letting me plan, but we of course also have a small budget and my head is spinning from the options and add-on costs.

Your beer cellar sounds so cool. I think it totally trumps the lemon trees.