Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Home is where the heart should be.

If I went back in time and told 20 year old me that in just 10 more years she would be comparing dishwashers and other large appliances she would have laughed at me took another swig from her cheap beer and ask me how I got so fat in just 10 years. For some reason up until we actually bought a house I just figured that we would go buy all our appliances right before we moved in. Along with the appliances would be any small renos we wanted to do and then we would just move in to our fresh new house. Except life isn't like that, especially not in Toronto when we were looking at houses during one of the hottest housing markets in history. Nope as soon as we started looking I realised that the dream of moving in with everything just so was only being kept by the new homes being thrown up in the suburbs and I'd rather have my toenails pulled out than move to the suburbs(nothing against the suburbs it's just not where we want to be right now.)

I daydream about coming home and finding out that Colin and Justin have chosen us. They could make gagging noises over the gawd awful beige carpet and dusty blue and pink kitchen and all the mismatched horror because I would be walking on a cloud, an incredibly wonderful fabulously decorated cloud. Partially because having those two redo our tiny bungalow into something that wasn't decorated in a decade I couldn't drink in but mostly because having a show like that would mean that I could focus on wedding planning knowing that one major two bedroomed hurdle was taken care of. Heck I'd even have get married at the house because I would be that chuffed about showing it off!

For Christmas we bought a washer and dryer set. Even though the house came with all the appliances they are all that weird yellowy beige colour and from department stores that no longer even exist. The dryer had one setting ON and it took about 4 hours on average to dry a small load of clothes. No, I'm not even exaggerating. We went to the appliance store and I stuck my head in ovens and freezers, pulled out dishwasher racks and pressed buttons. I inhaled that new appliance smell, which is probably some sort of toxic gas so I probably shouldn't have inhaled so deeply. I was in home owner heaven.

It's nice to have one thing checked off the list but the list is so long and it seems every day we have something new to add to it. Decorating is a mid level to do and it bums me out every time I come home. I should be happy I own a home, I know I am lucky to be able to in a large city. I know that these things take time unless you happen upon bags of money. I know. But in my head I imagine myself coming home to honey coloured floors and dream bedrooms or hosting dinner parties at a long table that has matching chairs or at least chairs that don't wobble. I dream of table runners and area rugs. I dream of a place where the dvds, video games don't decorate the mantle of the fire place. I dream of inviting living rooms and basement rec rooms. I dream of bathrooms with heated floors and marble counters and anything but the citrus coloured sparkly floral wallpaper that currently hangs there. I dream and I dream and I think that's part of my problem too much dreaming.

I cannot wait for our washer and dryer to arrive. I'm going to wash every thing I can get my hands on. I'm going to sit in front of them and watch things being properly washed. I'm going to watch as thing flip around in circles and I'll dream of honey coloured floors.

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