Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Party like it's 1999! (part one)

The Mister and I have been together a very long time. Just over 9 years actually.
So let's go waaay back to a simpler time a time when I worked retail in a music store and he was just about to start his masters.
Let's go back to the Summer of 1999. The last few weeks of August to be exact.

That summer found me working in a music store in a mall that had been forgotten. So forgotten that most of the stores in the mall were shut because the city I lived in had 4 other bigger malls dotting the landscape that were all in more residential areas. I won't get into the poor urban planning of the city but for a whole mall to basically have 90% of it's stores close up shop because no one wanted to travel to it's poorly planned location is odd. I spent the summer basically slacking with my coworkers and preparing the store for it's closure.

Once a week most of us would go out to a bar for it's soul music night. It was a weekly ritual that involved drinking and a lot of laugh and a lot of greasy breakfasts the next day.

I wasn't looking for boyfriend at all. In fact I was in the process of moving back to my parents house once the store closed. So one week we are at the bar celebrating another co-workers birthday, which only meant that we were drinking more than we normally would. I'm standing there talking to my friend and I look across the patio and see two guys talking to a guy who works at a different record store. One of them is staring right at me. A minute later I look again and he's still staring right at me. I get my friend to check after a bit and sure enough he's still staring. Now if he hadn't been super hot I probably would have been creeped out by his fixation instead after what seemed like a very long time I decided that I'm going to go over and say hello.
As I go over to say hello to the guy I know both guys he's talking to go to the bar. So now I'm stuck talking to this other guy and I'm stalling waiting for the guys to come back. Finally they do and introductions are made and I'm thinking "wow you sure are beautiful up close." theres some chatting and asking silly questions about music. We each go back to our friends and the night ends. He shows up the next week and we chat some more at the end of the night I see him leaving with a friend and I do something unexpected I follow him. Yes I stalked him all the way to the pizza place up the street. I sit outside and pretend to be doing up my shoe for what seems like an eternity until they finally come out and I act all "ohh hey! funny bumping into you!" I invite them to my going away party the following Saturday, I tell him to take my number but no one has paper and pen. He says he'll remember it. I'm doubtful given that it's 3am and we've both been drinking.

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