Monday, December 22, 2008

I'm a polyvorer too...

spring time by somethingweddings

Like every single other blogging bride to be I too have been sucked in to the fun world of Polyvore. Who doesn't like making a collage of things they like? It brings me back to my youth and all the cutting out of catalogs I did. A friend and I used to spend days planning our trip around the world in a school bus. Of course we were going to gut the school bus and put in bunk beds, a kitchen and a bathroom. We spent hours pouring over various catalogs and magazines cutting out everything we were going to need for our grand adventure. Five year olds don't really have a good concept of what is needed for a round the world trip but apparently we needed a lot of linens.

Since it is looking more and more like we are going to be having a Spring wedding in 2010. My first thoughts for colours were gray,yellow and teal. Each fall I plant a ton of daffodils as the squirrels don't bother them and love when they all come up in my garden. Since I know who I'm going to have in my bridal party(but haven't officially asked them.) I am taking into consideration what colours look good on them. Gray looks lovely on all of them. I have never considered floor length dresses before but the one about is simply lovely and could very obviously be worn again, dressed up or down and wrap dresses are flattering to all shapes. Heck they could even get it shortened if they wanted! Add some teal accents and some spring blooms in the happiest sunniest of colours and I think you have a certain modern elegance that looks lovely.

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