Sunday, February 1, 2009

I got all kinds of fancy this weekend!

This weekend was all kinds of magical.

I met up with two of my lady friends for some shopping in the area of Toronto called Yorkville. My one friend is getting married this June. It's her second marriage and she's just having a small intimate family dinner at their favorite restaurant. She had decided that she wanted an outfit that she would be able to wear again and again but also something incredibly beautiful and stylish. Looking for her dress was not on the agenda, we were just going to walk around and go into the boutiques. Typical ladies day out.

Until we entered Chanel.

This was my first time in Chanel, I'm not sure why because it's not like I have "CANNOT AFFORD ANYTHING HERE!" tattooed on my forehead. But it's the sort of store I feel scared to enter on my own, to me it's like a gallery filled with wonderful things that I'm allowed to touch and I was certain that I would somehow touch a jacket and a button would fall off in my hand and I would get arrested for vandalism or some such thing. Yes I have a very active imagination.

Any hoo...we headed up to the area where they keep clothes which really does feel sort of like a gallery, there is only one of each piece on display and they are displayed beautifully. There were vases stuffed with white roses and it was incredibly calm and incredibly quiet! My friend decided to try on two outfits, the first a black woolly number that was beautiful but far too heavy for her June nuptials. The next outfit was a classic white Chanel suit with silver running through it. The size they gave her to try on was miles too big for her tiny frame and it looked stunning but it's hard not to in a suit that costs as much as a car! She felt it just wasn't right and suddenly on a whim asked to try on a dress she had shunned earlier as being too casual. It was a white shift style dress with a matching sporty zip up jacket. As soon as she walked out you could tell her heart was skipping a beat. They say when you know, you know, and she knew. We could tell.
I cannot find the actual dress online, but it is from the Spring Summer 09 collection. It's so her and so perfectly the combo of beautiful, classy, fun and versatile. She can dress it up or dress it down so easily it boggles my mind!

After finding a jacket that was the right size from a room that seemed to be behind a hidden wall panel a seamstress was brought out and the dress was pinned for alterations. She paid for it as we acted like we'd been given a hit of drugs in our clapping of hands and squeals of joy at being there while she found her wedding dress! Fresh from our Chanel high we headed over to a cheese and wine bar and proceeded to eat cheese and go over the details of what just happened!

I suggested she get a fascinator for her are a couple I found on etsy! So pretty!

Gilda by SmittenXOXO who Carly featured on A Disney Bride a few weeks back.
This Birdcage veil with giant rose by Satanica is making me reach for the smelling salts!
Getting a bit Sex and The City there is the GIANT flower option from madebymadeleine.
Another stunning birdcage veil this time from Artikalnyc.

With so many accessory options to brides these days how does anyone ever get married? My search for just four fascinators was so hard there are so many that I wanted to link to! I had to limit my love to just four and it feels so wrong!

I'm so honored and happy to have been there while my friend found her dress, plus I got to live vicariously through her purchase which kept me on a Chanel induced high well into the next day! It's not every day that you meet up for coffee and end the day with a wedding dress!


Rachel said...

I think I am having a Chanel induced high just by reading that story....

i Do {blog!} said...

so fun!

Anonymous said...

I just started reading your blog... I found it through iDO{bog}. I love your writing style. I hardly ever subscribe to blogs that are not picture based ... just cause I wouldnever get through them all.... but yours is fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Just a heads up - I bought from Smitten for my wedding and was not happy with the service or product.
To be fair, this was a few months back and the situation was eventually resolved, but as this was the only wedding purchase I made that I was disappointed with, I thought it worth mentioning . . .