Thursday, February 12, 2009

One chance is better than none.

I have never been one that would be described as "lucky". Sure I won a trophy for a drawing in when I was 6 years old and the odd scratch and win has forked over 12 dollars but I have never entered a contest and won or wanted something and suddenly it lands in my lap. Luck might be a lady but she ain't my friend it seems!

Oddly enough I have a friend who literally seems to make wishes and within a week or a month they literally become true. She's one of my bridesmaids so maybe because she's going to be part of my day some her luck will bite me in the tuckus.

Right now I am entering a contest open to people who live in my province. It is the fairytale wedding contest and I have every single appendage crossed that the name they pick out is ours.

It is wedding worth 25grand AND a honeymoon worth 5grand.


Imagine being handed almost everything you needed? The only things not included as far as I can tell are hair and makeup, photography, music and invites. Everything else? DONE. You even get a wedding planner!

I know it's a long shot and that many, many other people will be entering. I suppose having a chance though is better than not right?

Its funny though because even with a budget like that I'd still want to keep things relatively similar to my 6000 dollar budget. I guess it would just be on a bigger scale.

Wish me luck!

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Fall Wedding Bride said...

I just came across your blog today and just wanted to tell you good luck!!!