Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Photography wish list.

I forget how I stumbled upon JM photography but I instantly added them to my favorites and even though since I stumbled into their land of loveliness they have switched blogs and sites maybe 3 times I keep following them around the internet like an in awe groupie.

These are the types of photographs I would gladly get another job for. They seem to be a very cool young married couple who just happen to have major talent pouring out of their cells. Oh and they seem to like good music too. Sweet.

All photos by Because JM and from their blog Today JM.

All of their work checks serious boxes on my photography hunt..except of course the price box. They don't have it posted anywhere that I can see now but I read that they start at 4000 dollars. Which is quite reasonable for something I consider to be art. I have friends that ask around that for their pieces but alas unless I decide we should elope and have lunch at a greasy spoon with two witnesses this is what I would spend the rest of my budget on.

That and a kick ass week in France.


gangsta bride said...

Wow. These pictures are amazing!

Glad to have have your blog!

The Pissed Off Bride said...

Great pictures!

I love them all but my favorite is the blurry (fade out?) one.