Monday, February 9, 2009

I know Montreal!

For a brief moment today I entertained the idea of having our wedding in Montreal. Montreal is very special to both of us as we go there at least once a year together and if I had to live in any other city in Canada it would be there. We heart Montreal.

I even IM'd The Mister and said "What would you think of getting married in Montreal?" and he replied "Ohhhhh!"

Then I started researching it a bit. If we got married in Montreal it would be at city hall I mean look at it!!
It's beautiful! Compared to Toronto's city hall....Yeah and the wedding chambers? blech.

So I got more and more excited, we could go for a couple of days and do things with our friends and family and have our reception at one of our favorite restaurants! I started thinking about going to the flower market in the morning.

I IM'd my another friend and asked "Would you come to my wedding if it was in Montreal?" of course he said yes but then added that although it would probably cut down on guest numbers it would also be a pretty expensive wedding for those that did come. He figured a minimum of 500 dollars. I realised he was right. I couldn't do that to my friends and family.

It wasn't a big dream or anything just a whim that I thought might be fun. I've also thought about renting out a cottage for a week in the fall but the price of that was pretty hilarious. I've thought about the restaurant option but the bar tab for that would be so much more than renting a place for a grand and bringing in our own beer and wine that we love and not beer and wine we can afford at restaurant markups.

So I'm back where I started which is fine with me.


Mo said...

Le sigh. Sounds like we're in the same boat. I keep running in planning circles too.
That city hall is gorgeous though. Maybe your friends and family wouldn't mind spending a few hundred bucks to have a fun weekend with you and the mister?

AmyJean said...

Beautiful! :)

Bride said...

Actually, you'll get married at Palais de Justice, but the city hall is right behind it.


I love Montreal! I was considering getting married there as well but decided to do it in my hometown of NYC. But we are honeymooning in Montebello & Montreal :) Good luck!