Saturday, February 7, 2009

So tired. So, so tired.

Ladies and gentlemen(like men read wedding planning blogs! At least mine doesn't which is why he thinks I'm a bit nuts probably!) I am exhausted. More exhausted than I have been in a long time! I was ready to hit the pillow at about 9pm! Today we walked around the city for about 6 hours. The weather was unseasonably warm and it felt good to be outside without worrying about extremities freezing if they weren't covered.

It was probably one of the best days all winter.

Today we got beer brewing supplies and ended up carrying them the rest of the day. We went from one end of the city to another to buy exotic honey and taste about 10 different honeys before settling on one! I never realised how different honeys can taste some of them were woody and some of them incredibly floral and the different colours! I can see it becoming a new culinary obsession with us. Similar outings have turned us into beer nerds, cheese nerds, chocolate nerds, mustard nerds..oh gosh at one time we counted the different mustards in our fridge and we had 20 different types and flavors and not one of them just plain! I probably shouldn't even be admitting such things! We all have something I guess! Some people really love shoes or art..we love random food items!

Anymustardfreak....after the honey tasting we hoofed it up to get a tour of a venue I dig. The tree house one. We couldn't really go outside to the tree house but we saw the inside area that we were interested in. Even with out 55 max people it would still be too big and the guy who gave me the tour wasn't the guy who I'd been dealing with in email and he was really nice but he also never stopped talking and name dropping. I don't know if it's an event thrower thing or a city thing but name dropping always seems to irk me with some people. So we get the tour and finally it's time to talk dollar signs. He asked what our budget was and I said
"We're having 55 people at most so our budget is 6500-7000"
I swear his eyes rolled into the back of his head at that very moment.
"Well...the rental fee is 3500." Although it included tables, chairs etc, etc. They do have a new space off site that is smaller and about half that price so were going to look at it this week. So we'll see.

I'm starting to wonder if a restaurant would be the way to go. I think that the bar tab alone would be more than a rental fee...but it could be an option.

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