Sunday, April 19, 2009

You Say Tomato...

I'm just waiting for my friend to send me the photos she was able to take from the dress try outs until I tell you all about my day of being topless around strangers.

I will tell you that I tried on this Jenny Yoo but in red and instantly fell in love with it. I even was thinking about getting it in red because the colour just really looked that good on me.
I then mentioned it being red to The Mister who told me "You can't wear a red wedding dress!" Okay fine I could deal with that. Although to get the dress in white it costs 200 dollars more!! I kid you not!
Last night we were out with friends celebrating The Mister's birthday and I decided to show him the photos from the day. When it got to this one(in red) and said "I hate that one, it doesn't even look like a wedding dress." I hadn't told him that was the one I loved. I ended up in the bar of the bathroom crying and for the last 24 hours have been thinking about calling the whole thing off. Not just because he hates the one dress the fits the budget and looks amazing on me. But because I'm still(STILL!) planning this by myself and I'm just suppose to guess at what he thinks a wedding should be. Like today he again mentioned cake and I finally said "We are not having a cake and I am not wearing a real wedding dress, I want these things, but we are not having them."
So I'm sitting here thinking about what I'm going to do. I could still get my deposit back for the tea no problem and that's the only money that has been put out.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Oh dear. Boys can be so clueless. I'm sorry. Maybe you need take a step back. You can't plan this alone. That's not a good way to start off the marriage! Take a deep breath and maybe have a heart to heart with the Mister. On another note, red is a lucky colour in many Asian cultures, so you can DEFINITELY wear a red dress. ;)

Margarita said...

I'm sorry boys are dumb. If you seriously need any help with *anything* let me know. I'm a wedding planner and can usually swing a good deal without a problem. If there's any part of the budget you don't think you can get or are having trouble with, let me know. You'd be surprised how many people would do things for free (photography, cakes, etc) because they're students....

Krista said...

When you are calm (if it was me, that would take at least a couple days), talk to the mister.
-Tell him how much work it is to plan a wedding.
-Don't confront (harder said than done, eh?).
-Tell him how tight the budget is, and how little you're able to buy - but if the budget is so limited, he may have to sacrifice. And that might mean he won't like your dress.
-Tell him how you'd love a couple priorities to have more spent on them (dress, and whatever else).
-Finally, let him know that he can either help out by helping with the planning, or that he relinquishes his right to an opinion. That includes an opinion on wedding dresses.

(And don't show him anymore dress pictures. If you tell him that by not being involved relinquishes his opinions, you can't show him anything to be opinionated about.)

I don't mean to be harsh. I think those things are important for your sanity.

And I have also heard that red dress is lucky in asian cultures.

Krista said...

p.s. I think the dress in the picture is stunning!

Mo said...

I totally agree with Krista. You need to talk to him about how much work planning a wedding entails,how much certain things will cost, and how you'd like him to be more involved in a calm non-confrontational way. And maybe you already have, but another reminder wouldn't hurt, especially after how he made you feel yesterday. Maybe a light bulb will go off in his head and he'll realize, 'Hey! We're getting married! Maybe I should help Brandy out more and be supportive.'

I would definitely hold off on doing anything drastic, like canceling the tea reservation, until you've really talked it through.

I'm sure the red dress rocks. I can't wait to see it and am so glad it made you feel gorgeous. Hang in there!

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...

the dress is beautiful! Before we got married I sat my hubby down and asked him what he wanted to be a part of (as far as planning). He gave me a list. I had to realize that men don't dream about planning a wedding as we girls do. It worked out great! I knew exactly the things he wanted say in (reception location, cake, music etc.) and I planned the rest.

Frocks said...

Brandy, we are the other exclusive carrier of that dress in Canada (you probably tried it at White - BEAUTIFUL store). It really is beautiful, but if your Mister isn't on board, there are TONS of options that will have that look and feel, satisfy his wants for a "wedding dress" and your need to fit it into your budget. Don't worry, it will all work out in the end, we promise. It always does. If you didn't have these stumbling blocks along the way, you wouldn't appreciate the big day as much!