Friday, April 17, 2009

New pants are needed.

One of my bff's got herself a sweet little job with Goodlife Fitness at one of their Platinum Plus Women Only gyms AND one of the benefits was she was able to give me a free 3 month membership! The other benefit is I get to see her practically every day and she's one of those people who is really able to motivate others and gets you all excited about how awesome it's going to be even when you know that really jumping up and down for an hour with weights is pretty much the opposite of awesome. Somehow though she makes it fun, she's got that magic!

So for the last two weeks I've been hitting the gym. I only went twice last week due to being sick and I've only gone three times this week(including today) and mostly I've done strength training with some light cardio and lots of walking.I didn't post a weigh in last week because A) I was sick B) I was bloated and C) There was no change from the week before. So I figured I'd just skip it.

This morning I stepped on the scale, got off it and stepped on it again and again. The numbers were the same all four times I stepped on that thing................ Just .8 from 10lbs lost since Feb.26! This also means that since my doctor weighed me back in November I've lost 15lbs! Whoop!
Seriously I did not believe it, mostly because when I finally got over the food poisoning last weekend I could only stomach pancakes and plain pasta. Not exactly the most nutritious foods on the planet!
Another perk of having an insider at the gym is she hooked me up with a fitness assessment which I'm going to on Monday. Should be fun to get all my fat readings and measurements! Hopefully the gym scale is as friendly as my home scale and I don't step on it and get told that I have actually only lost 3lbs and my home scale is a liar because it's tired of me repeatedly stepping on it.
There is a downside though. No it's not my incredibly desire to celebrate with a large chunk of cheese....cake, it's my clothes. Most of my pants are now too big. Yeah I know, poor me, wah, wah, wah. But I loathe shopping for pants. Yes this is great and I am looking forward to a whole new wardrobe BUT I don't want to spend money on these in between sizes while I get there. So I'm off to Joe Fresh to buy some inbetweener clothes to get me through the next 26lbs.


Jenn said...

Congrats!!! Yay for needing new pants! :)

Mo said...

*Happy dance*
So happy for you! Have fun shopping.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

YAY! Congrats. I hate shopping for pants too - why do they never fit right??!!

I'm with Goodlife too. You must try Body Pump and Body Flow. It's addictive. WARNING: (if you haven't tried it), the first time it will hurt, but you will feel so good!

Brandy said...

I just got back from my first Body Pump class today...can barely type as my arms are still shaking!
I'm also doing Gravity training once a week on these crazy machines...intense!

Krista said...

I'm jealous :)