Sunday, April 12, 2009

Oh how time flies.

Bleh..nothing like spending a long weekend dying from food poisoning. Fun times! I had such a bad headache that I was seeing flashing lights it was like a disco in my brain. My stomach still feels like it went several rounds with a boxer.

So here I am with just under five months until we get married. Oh. Ack. Err. Okay time to make a list and check it twice and then start making phone calls and getting things moving because....
I think I've just been slacking because it's such a small affair and it doesn't seem like there is much to do because it's a Friday afternoon high tea and that's all set. I was so looking forward to all the DIY projects to put my own personal stamp on a venue but in the end I'm not having any of that so I'm just left with the basics, none of which I have!

I also realised today that I haven't even looked at dresses. Other than the JCrew one that is hanging sadly in my closet I haven't bothered actually going into a shop and looking. Yeah I know I'm cutting it close, if not too late! Ack! I was dreaming of going dress shopping when I had lost more weight so I wouldn't hate it so much...looks like I'm going to be heading out next weekend if I can..or maybe during my lunch hour..who does that? Who looks at dresses during lunch hour?!?! Can I even do that? How long does it take? Also fascinator/veil, shoes, makeup, hair, jewellery...all that stuff. Oh.oh.oh.oh.

Officiant. yeah still have not dealt with this...bleh.

Ceremony site. Apparently The Mister was going to call some places but apparently he hasn't.

Vows and readings and all that. There's only 14 people attending 4 of them are in the wedding party! I want to get everyone involved and feeling like they are part of something special. Now I have to figure out readings...Little Prince? Velveteen Rabbit? Wizard of Oz? I have no clue what people read at weddings! Dang I've never wished more that I attended church before, those church people always have things planned!

Rings. It's going to be so fun trying to get The Mister to come out jewellery shopping with me. It won't be anything like pulling teeth at all. Oh and my ring was custom made so it should be super fun trying to find a band that fits it!

Flowers. I'm not freaked out about this. Doing my own from either my garden or if that fails hitting up the flower market the day before. Should probably do some trials before though. Just for fun.

Invites. Linocut prints...guess I should go buy some lino and dig out my cutting tools from their hiding place. Better start this soon because I know I'll make mistakes.

Favors...originally I was going to give out jam...but it was going to be The Misters mom's homemade jam but giving his parents and sister the jam, which would basically be giving the jam back to them, seems wrong. Do we give something different to our parents?

What am I forgetting? Something big I bet!
Ok I'm going to go write these things in my calendar and then pull The Mister away from his video game and explain that some things need doing or else I'm going to lose my mind.


CheapAndEasy said...

I'm in the same place yet my wedding is significantly bigger. Four months & I haven't stepped foot in a dress shop. What do I think I am? Magic or something? Crap, I need a list!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

lol...relax, you have plenty of time! can't wait to see your DIY projects.

Hannah Noel said...

5 months is plenty of time to do all of this! don't freak out, just breathe and relax and enjoy it haha.

Stephanie said...

5 months is enough time don;t worry and try not to stress out!