Thursday, April 16, 2009

The cranks and gears.

Woot! Just got an email from Sephora for 15% off...guess where I'm heading at lunch?
I'm thinking I'll get a lip gloss or something for my skin. I heart Sephora!

AND this morning I won a donut(will get a muffin though because A) they seem healthier, although they are probably not and B) a muffin costs more than a donut and it makes it seem like I won MORE! HA!

AND I also won 6 dollars on a 3 dollar scratch ticket. I buy one a week and then if I win I get another and pocket any profit and so on until I lose. Last week I profited 12 dollars!

In wedding news..what?? you didn't come here to read about my petty addictions?...I am having a hard time getting an officiant to respond to me. Seriously I've contacted two and have heard nothing back. I know people are busy but come on! I just want to pay you a crazy amount of money for showing up and making it all legal! If someone called me up and said "Hi can you come out for an hour on a Friday afternoon, talk for 15 minutes and I'll pay you several hundred dollars?" I would be all over that. I'm sure there is some work beforehand, but I'd still be calling people back asap. I've got a couple of others on my list.

Also what does one wear to try on wedding dresses? Obviously not black fish nets but should I wear my Spanx and a strapless bra? Should I bring heels? I'm guessing that red lipstick is a no go as well. Not that I would because I would be so paranoid that I would trip and land lips first into the most expensive dress in the whole store and it would be ruined and they would make me pay for it, which wouldn't be so bad except it would also be the one dress that looked horrible on me. Yes, this is how the gears and cranks in my noggin work.
Oh come on you knew I was that neurotic!


Jenn said...

You're too funny! Wear a strapless bra/Spanx (some places even provide them for you) and undies with some coverage - no need to moon the sales ladies! :)

Oh, and I'd have gone with the muffin, too.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I got the email from Sephora to!! lol. Spanx and strapless bra for sure. And definitely a pair of heels. Bring along your camera to see if you can snap pics.

Mara (The Wedding Cabaret) said...