Friday, April 24, 2009

Double fives!

Seriously April is kicking my butt.
Yesterday I felt nauseous as I went into work by 11am I was laying on the floor of the office bathroom shivering and puking up my yogurt and berries.
(No, I'm not pregnant. Seems if a lady is puking that is the first question everyone asks!)
A co-worker drove me home where I was sick some more, took some Pepto pills(no way could I drink that stuff...ew.) and slept like I had been drugged for about 5 hours. I ate a banana, some toast and The Mister brought me apple juice.
I had a fever of 102 and could barely walk. My head was pounding. Over all it was horrific.
Then I woke up this morning and felt fine. 100% better.
Seriously what the heck?
Stomach bug? Another bout of food poisoning? Could April get anymore sickly?
Anyhoot...I weighed myself this morning because other than yesterday I have been pretty good this week, getting to the gym 3 times and eating pretty well. I'm willing to guess that half of this loss is from yesterday though.

Seriously though two 5's! I cannot remember the last time I saw two 5's in a row on a scale!

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Hannah Noel said...

Sounds like you had a 24 hour virus! And there's no way you could blame ALL of your weight loss on ONE day of being sick ;)-- you are probably just doing a good job. way to go! I'm glad you're not sick anymore!