Tuesday, April 28, 2009

My mother's secret Vegas showgirl dream.

So my second weekend of wedding dress shopping I ventured to my home town for, which is just 40 minutes by train from my house. I didn't think I would find anything I really liked but I was pleasantly surprised. I had decided to go there and try on dresses so I could have the sister, a bff and my mother come out and watch me try various frocks on. It would have been hard to get all 3 in the same spot otherwise and well...honestly having my mother around tends to make me lose my mind rather fast. I love her but there are more issues there than Reader's Digest.
My first appointment was at 3pm.
We go to pick up my mother who, like me, does not drive or have a license(I do have my motorcycle license.) she looks perfectly fine in jeans and a top. Right before we go to leave she goes and changes into a clingy long dress that doesn't look that great on her. My dad asks why she changed and she tells him that she wanted something easy to get off if she decides to try on dresses.
See my mother has a habit of making anything and everything about her. Sometimes it's manageable but when she's going on about how she would give you some clothes she no longer wears but they wouldn't fit because they are size 4 and should she keep them just in case you do lose the weight?....well...my mind starts to melt. I could start a whole new blog just about her and I would be able to post every day for the rest of my life.
I'm blow off the comment because of course if she saw something she liked she should try it on, I wouldn't mind. It just seems that all she can think about is finding herself a dress. We get to the store and enter and there is a pile of shoes and a sign asking everyone to please remove their shoes. My mother balks at this several times standing there asking me if she has to. Which I find funny because she's wearing sandals so she's practically barefoot already. I start going through the gowns and she walks across the store still in her shoes! I tell her she has to remove them and she acts flabbergasted and states that she isn't trying on dresses. I explain to her that a lot of bridal stores ask you to remove your shoes, white dresses and dirt after all are not the best of combos. She finally takes them off. Phew. The store over all really only had one type of silhouette so I mostly tried on dresses for "fun" they had two suitable dresses that were shorter "destination" dresses but both of them were made of material that was awful. One of them felt like sleeping bag material, nylon maybe, and the other was 100% polyester. YUM!
She made some comments that were..well..embarrassing, about my boobs and my sisters boobs and completely making something up that apparently I used to always say but in actuality have never once uttered. But over all it wasn't too bad, she didn't seem too into the being there and kept showing my sister dresses she liked that were really, really, well....tacky. She told my sister that I had told her I wanted her to wear red, which I hadn't but my mom likes to wear red so she stands out and I could handle a red dress but all the ones she liked were suitable for a Vegas show girl and not my 54 year old mother.

The next morning I called her to tell her we'd be going to store number two at 11:30am.
She says "Ok we'll meet you there."
Me: "Uhhh who is we?"
Her: "My friend and I."
Now, I have met this person once, maybe twice. I honestly couldn't pick her out of a lineup if I had to. I totally pulled a Bridezilla and said "Um no, this is just for you, my sister and bff. No one else. I don't want someone I've met once there." she snippily said "fine, fine." and hung up.
I asked my sister and bff if I was being crazy and they assured me I wasn't. Seriously who does that? It's not like this friend is an old family friend, my mom has only known her for maybe 5 years or so. When we arrived and had to remove our shoes again she acted like she was being asked to walk around naked. Even though I'd already told her she would have to! Argh.

The second store had more dresses but was poorly laid out, the staff wasn't exactly helpful but they were nice. Since they didn't take appointments the staff was spread thin once the place started getting crowded. Again my mother started pulling out show girl dresses...now please remember that my wedding will be on a Friday afternoon followed by high tea. Here is something I think would be suitable....
Now here is something similar to the dresses that my mother was thinking she could wear.......

This is why I'm going with her to find her dress. Imagine if I was having a formal evening wedding?


august15bride said...

That first one was my Mom's dream dress! Unfortunately the price tag did'nt match the dream. She did find a beautiful one though, for less than half that one costs!

Brandy said...

I know it's such a classic dress that she would be able to wear again and again. I'm going to steer her towards dresses like that!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

LOL. Oh dear, your mom certainly knows what she wants! Hopefully, you can steer her towards dresses like the first one....or maybe on settle something that is a little flashy yet elegant.