Thursday, April 30, 2009

What's a bride?

So you might have guessed that the September plan is going forward. I'll continue planning unless my neurologist(seriously when did I become the girl with a bunch of specialists?) tells me that those lesions on my brain are something gruesome...I mean more gruesome than lesions, seriously could that be a more ugly word? You could totally be all "Girl...did you see that dress? It's totally a lesion." maybe because for some reason it also makes me think of leprosy and leeches....anyhow. ON WITH THE SHOW!!!!

It's really odd how the wedding industry works it's magic. Somehow without me even knowing it sneakily seduced The Mister with the idea of what a wedding dress should be. When he saw the red dress he said it wasn't very "bridey" or "weddingy" (the fact that neither of these are actual words didn't matter to him." but couldn't really elaborate on what either of those words meant to him. More white? More lace? More train? What exactly? Isn't the fact that I'm wearing it make it "bridey" and the fact that I'm at a wedding make it "weddingy"?
He deemed this dress "Not bad"

and I agree, but who wants to wear a "not bad" dress to get married in? Would you want a "not bad hair cut"? I forget who made this dress but the material was meltable and it was around the same price as the lace dress. This dress he called "cute". CUTE!

I don't know about you but cute is not what I want to be called by my man on my wedding day! Words that I would like are: hot, stunning, gorgeous, beautiful, sexy, oh my god lets make babies! Things like that. Not cute.

So you've all seen the lace dress. So what do you think he said when he saw it? Any guesses?

Hint: it wasn't cute.

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Mo said...

I think he whistled. ;)

Don't feel too bad, my FI says 'eh' to every photo he sees! I'm sure it will be totally different in person.