Tuesday, April 14, 2009

No means no...ok it really means no need to worry.

I get incredibly nervous when calling up places to make appointments. For some bizarre reason I have this fear that when I ask to book something they will tell me "NO." I know it's crazy.
I have been staring at the list of four bridal salons here in the city and one in my home town for the last few days and finally today picked up the phone and called. To my complete and utter surprise all of them in town had openings this Saturday, of course because I value my sanity I booked only two for this week and the other two for May 2nd. I figured it would be a while until I could get in to any of them, especially on a Saturday! Guess not!
I then called the one place in my home town and had the following conversation....
Me - Hi I'd like to make an appointment to try on some dresses.
Lady(with heavy stern sounding accent) - No.
Me - Ummm no?
Lady - No dear we do not make appointments. You can just come in.
Me - Ohh! So I can just walk in? Ok thank you!

Seriously when she said "No." my heart literally leaped out of my chest it was my worst fear come true! Her accent (honestly a very serious stern sounding European one!) made it sound like she was saying no to me personally! After I got off the phone I laughed and told a coworker who I had just earlier today told of my irrational fear of being told NO!

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Hannah Noel said...

Lol that's hilarious

Have fun!!!! :D