Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Waiting and waiting....

I'm sitting here compulsively checking my email and cellphone waiting for the folks up at the Montreal Bureau de Mariage to tell me if we are getting married and if so at what time!

I had a dream that they called me and asked if I wanted 9am or 2pm, I picked 2pm. Except they won't ask me what time I want they will just give us the slot that is open. Every day that passes makes me more anxious. We are at the mercy of a civil worker!


One of the things that I think is quite cute about getting married in Montreal is that the courthouse has a room called the Salle de Celebration! Literally the Celebration Room! Who wouldn't want to get married in a room called that?

September is tumbling towards us at breakneck speed. In fact if everything goes to plan I will be married in 53 days. Five Three! Woah. Funnily enough I didn't even realise how many 9's were in the date. 9/19/09!

I admit that I've had some jitters. As we all know I'm a bit of a flake sometimes, most of those times seem to happen after seeing a beautiful wedding on a blog with photos that are stunningly beautiful. Then I snap back to reality when I remember that a) those weddings cost pots of money and b) I'm still having a reception at some point(most likely next summer)

The fact that it's all in someone else's hands (for now) makes my shoulders fall back from my ears.

I do know some things that will be happening in Montreal. I will eat all my favorite things! I will be happy to be in my favorite city! I will drink many different beers! I will sleep in the same hotel that John and Yoko did so many years ago!


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

I hope you hear soon!!! I can't believe you're getting married so soon!

Lysandra said...

OK now you're making me nervous. No, that's not helpful! How about this - it sounds like you guys made the perfect choice for you and I'm sure everything will work out and you'll have amazing memories of your wedding in your favorite place in the world!

Krista said...

So exciting!