Friday, July 31, 2009

Is that a four?

I'm sitting here staring at that four. I haven't been below 155 in a very long time. I'm thrilled and excited even though I'm only like .2 away from 155 it's still very satisfying to see that four appear.
I started the Wild Rose D-tox on Monday. I thought it would be harder and that I would be starving and craving and grumpy. But I'm not. Nope I feel amazing.
In the past 5 days I have slept better than I have in ages, I've got more energy than I know what to do with and I'm eating foods I really enjoy.
As part of the "moving is losing" regime I've started doing squats after every time I go to the washroom. Weird I know, but why not? While I'm drying my hands I do 15 squats if there is no one else in the washroom. Luckily I only work with 6 other girls so there rarely is. Since I drink a lot of water, I'd say about 15 SIG bottles during work, I use the washroom A LOT. At least 8 times a day. Which means I'm getting in 120 squats a day and it takes about 30 extra seconds or so.
I'm also stretching a lot more. For about 30 minutes in the evening while watching tv.
I do The Reg that I mention last week then I do a bunch of tricep moves then lots of stretching. Everyone should stretch, it's really important, probably more than we know. It keeps us limber and makes our muscles less likely to spaz out and cause us pain. It also lenghtens our muscles, it's one of the reasons ballet dancers and yogis always look so amazing! So if you do one thing this week stretch!