Friday, July 17, 2009

A little oh la la!

Remember this dress? The one I bought that the Mister saw and said it looked like a doily? The one I actually haven't seen since this photo was taken because it's been in the safe keeping of my bff?
Well I'm finally picking it up this weekend and bringing it home.

And I'm scared. I'm scared that I'm going to see it again and be underwhelmed by it. Although I keep scrolling up and looking at that photo and thinking "Dang I look hawt despite my mutton leg arms"

But I feel like I need to add something to it.

A belt that ties in a bow at the back? A pretty shrug? Some wrist length gloves? I'm completely unsure what but I feel it is lacking something.

It does come with an organza jacket that looks like a lab coat. A very pretty lab coat but a lab coat none the less. I'm wondering if I could rework it into something less....medical and into something more unique and sofisticated. Like this.....

From Etsy seller Modern Romance

Who also made this one which is simpler so it probably would look better with my dress....

That second one is all sorts of dramatic and I like that. A lot. If I'm going to elope I'm going to dress as eccentric and dramatic as possible! If I'm going to take that leap I'm going to do it my way!
You only live once right?!


Krista said...

I think the dress is dramatic enough without a shrug. Honestly, I think the shrug will take away from the dress.

What it needs (in my opinion) ... bright shoes (such as bright red pump or bright blue d'orsays). And something for the head: a dramatic hat or fascinator. Or a flyaway veil. (I think a traditional veil wouldn't work).

With a neckline like that, don't wear a necklace. Let the dress shine!

Gloves would work, if you want gloves.

And get a cute clutch (unless you'll have a bouquet).

Just my opinion though!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

First of all, you do not have mutton arms. You look great in that dress. I'm with Krista, I say nay to the shrug. Yay to some awesome hair adornments - fascinator or birdcage veil. You could even DIY it!