Thursday, July 9, 2009

If you can drink it with a bendy straw then I'm in!

I know it's cliche but I adore champagne. Ever since my first sip which was on New Years Eve when the 90's started(which makes me feel très vieux! I wasn't drinking age but I was dating age.) I remember thinking "this should run out of the taps!" It's not something I drink very often but for celebrations I believe they are a must! I have some vintage champagne glasses like the ones on the record cover above they are also handy for serving desserts!

I remember the first time I saw a mini bottle of champers. It basically ticked off all the boxes on the list of things I like! Small! Cute! Drinkable with a bendy straw! Yes I am that easy to please! Sadly I've never actually had my very own. The few times I've set my mind to picking them up seem to be the few times they are all sold out! Boo! I love the bottles above with the little wrist straps just so you won't lose it! Hee!

The last time I popped across the border we went to this amazing liquor store the kind of store that I thought only existed in my dreams! It was the size of my local grocery store and it had another smaller store attached to it just for beer and gourmet foods. There I spied for the first time the Sofia minis. I hemmed and hawed over buying them and in the end decided that the 97 bottles of different beers we were bringing back would be enough! Next time though I'm not leaving without them! That and the pre-made martinis that came in a plastic martini glass! You peeled off the top and drank! Convenience at it's best!

I'm sort of in love with the packaging of the Sofia. I'd love to have a toast where every one has their own wee can, it's slightly cutesy and slightly trashy which I think is perfectly me!

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

i so love the sofia can! I haven't tried it yet. is it as good as it looks?