Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Red shoes!

Type Z "Jade" $39.55

RSVP "Lexi" $15.62(on sale!)

Promiscuous "Celebrate" $59.00

Delman "Sema-T" $184.30(on sale, normally $354.00)

After realising that my dress wasn't made of crocheted rope I instantly started focusing on accessories. Because I know I'll have a hard time finding them I started my search for the perfect red shoes. Just like finding the perfect red lipstick, finding the perfect red shoe might be a difficult task. Do I want a deep red or a bright red? I thought I was going to go with satin, but I'm also drawn to the suede shoes at the top!

I have to admit my biggest crush is on the Delman. First off they are practically 50% off, I'm not sure I could spend 354 dollars on shoes, but 184 for shoes that are worth 354 well that's a deal that I dig.

I've never bought shoes over the internet, I have a hard time buying shoes in person. My foot fits shoes from size 8 to size 10! I know most sites offer no hassle returns so that makes me feel slightly better!

Here is the Delman from the front and top, just so you can see the detail on the toe....


Lysandra said...

Trust your instincts - the Delman's are the cutest and you will definitely wear them again. Read size reviews and order them early enough that you could send them back for a different size if you have to. Or, find a department store that has Delman's and try on a different pair of heels there to get an idea of how their sizes run.

Good luck!!

Krista said...

The "Jade" and the "Selma-T" have big platforms. I find that intimidating and not flattering. But the Selma-T is adorable from the side and the top.

Good with what you want, if you can afford it!

CheapAndEasy said...

I like the style of the Promiscuous but I am always drawn to a deep red so the Delman's really work for me. Will you wear them again? If so, I could totally justify the cost if I were you. Then again, I'm very easy to fit. Ordering shoes off the Internet has never been a problem. Just give yourself enough time in case they don't work out.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Love, love Delman's. Yes, a bit pricey but it is half price and you do seem to LOVE them too! I've ordered Zappos before - I usually read the reviews to get a sense of whether it's a large/small fit or runs true to size. Zappos is great for returns/exchanges. And did you notice that the CDN dollar is doing quite well now against the greenback?