Monday, July 13, 2009

Do the detox!(sung to "Do the Hustle")

Remember how I was taking photos every Friday of my scale? No? Well I was and then...I stopped. The lowest the scale said was 155.something but I seemed to be stuck at around 156-159.
I now rest at 159.

I've been meaning to do a diet detox for months now and just haven't found a "good time", but you know what? There's never going to be a "good time", there's always going to be something so next Monday I will start the Wild Rose Detox kit that has been sitting up in my cupboard, the same cupboard that currently holds every snack food known to man kind.

I'm not doing it to lose weight. I'm doing it to kick start my 21 days of clean eating. Why 21? Well they say a habit takes 21 days to form (and break!) The Wild Rose kit only fills 12 days but I'm going to continue to eat the same after I'm done the supplements that they provide you. I'm giving up sugars, gluten, dairy(oh sweet, sweet cheese I am so sorry for abandoning you...) and of course processed foods. Not to mention alcohol and caffeine. Yes my coworkers are going to LOVE me! I will probably bring back alcohol and dairy after the 12 days, but keep it organic! Seriously giving up alcohol during prime patio season in a country that has only 3.5 months of summer is suicide!

Summer is the perfect time to do a cleanse because the cheap local produce is abundant! There are farmers markets everywhere and grocery stores are bursting with deals like 3 pints of blueberries for 5 dollars!

I've decided that the rest of the summer is going to be devoted to getting in the best shape of my life, cleaning up my diet and having a really fun time.

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The Professional Bridesmaid said...

You have WAY more willpower than me. I would cave in the first hour. Good luck!!! Keep us posted.