Thursday, July 23, 2009

That sound you heard...

If by chance you heard a noise last night that sounded like a mix between growling/sighing/despair it was probably me. I decided last night to try on my dress.
I hadn't tried it since I bought it so I thought I would.

It didn't fit. It didn't zip up and it wasn't just me being awkward with the self zipping of a dress there was no way in hades that it was going to zip. AND my hips looked like two giant shelves. My waist looked tiny but the hips were like I shoved two extra loaves of bread up under the dress, giant loaves of yummy italian bread..mmmm. um.
My waist was itsy bitsy though. I kind of looked like this....

image from Google.

Which really isn't the look I want at all.

Honestly though if I've gained weight since then it's been very little, maybe a pound or two, but I've gained muscle and things have shifted around a bit and the doesn't fit or look nice at all.

My first instinct was to burst into tears. Because that is the rational thing to do right? I didn't though instead I took the dress off, swore under my breath, hung it back in the closet and gave it some thought. Then I watched Coraline in 3D which took my mind off it for a while.

Then I laid in bed coming up with a plan. That's all I need right?

I've got just under 2 months. I work well under pressure!

This whole week has been spent just weaning myself off coffee and eating incredibly healthy. I've barely had any sugar, flour or processed foods. I'm preping myself for the detox kit next week. I'm going to continue eating this way for the next two months. I'm going to hit the gym more and start doing some exercise in the morning. I'm going to see where I am in terms of the dress in one month.

If I still am not feeling it I'm going to start looking for another one.

The main thing is that I don't panic. Instead I need to let this kick my butt into high gear.


august15bride said...

Oh no! Good for you for not panicking. I'm afraid to try on my dress this weekend. Very afraid.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

NO worries!!! Your body is just in influx b/c of your new muscles. Give a few months and you're going be looking hawt!

Krista said...

It'll be okay. I'm sure it will. I'm sure Pro-Bridesmaid is right.

Oh, I was looking something up for changing my name (hyphenating) on my SIN card. Apparently, residents of Quebec can't change their name ... but it didn't actually say you can't change or hyphenate your name if you get married in Quebec but live elsewhere.

(Again, I don't know if you want to change your name. I am just adding to what I said a few posts ago.)

Brandy said...

Krista...yep I looked into the name change. It's only if you are a resident of Quebec. At least that is what I've been told!
If not though we could have a church ceremony at some point which over writes the civil ceremony in Quebec law.