Monday, July 27, 2009

I want it!

Several weeks ago I attended one of my bff mom's 60th birthday. It was at this party that her older sister let me take a look at her camera. It was at this party that I started mentally trying to justify going straight to the nearest camera store and buying it. Let me introduce you to my new obsession.....

The Canon G10.

It's 14 megapixels! It has a manual option! I can buy different lenses and filters for it! It has a hot shoe! It's like an SLR without the neck pain!

Oh and it's over 500 dollars. Wahhh.

Now I have a digital camera. One that was really good when I bought it 4 years ago. I held out for a long time on the digital camera so I did a lot of research before actually buying one. But recently it's been acting crazy. It seems to zap the power out of batteries in a New York minute and some times the photos are just not there or the memory card acts like a jerk. So many signs that it's nearing the end of it's short technological life.

I have a film SLR which The Mister bought me for my birthday one year and I was a film purist up until the digital. I used to even develop my own film in a dark room and everything. I can still smell the weird vinegary scent of the chemicals! I like that film is film, I never had to buy a new camera because it became obsolete after a year.

Then one day I was going on a trip. There would be hiking and lots of walking and maybe it was wiser to just get a small digital camera. My analog days were numbered.

I still love film. I have several vintage cameras and a medium format camera and toy cameras that make photos look really cool. I miss the days though when I carried a camera around with me all the time.

I would really like to have this for Montreal. A good camera makes all the difference.

So I really want the Canon G10, maybe I'll luck out and it will go on sale for half price!


Nicole said...

we have the Canon G9 (obviously pre-G10) and absolutely love it. It was such an amazing investment/purchase.

We actually got it on ebay (came in perfect condition, brand new) for around $100 cheaper than in-store.

Krista said...

Wow ... here's hoping it goes half-off! Maybe it'll be cheaper on a boxing day sale? I know that's months away, but that's probably the only time it'll go on sale!

Since you wanted to hear something that went wrong ... I've put two of them on the blog, but the one I haven't posted yet: we forgot the ring bearer pillow in my mom's car! (Thankfully, it didn't have the rings on it - because I didn't even realize it until well after Kylan went down the aisle!)

gangsta bride said...

Yeah that camera really is the shit. The G9's really good too, and you could def find it for cheaper.