Friday, July 24, 2009

It's back!

I didn't take a pic earlier this week but it read 159 on Monday. This week I have cut back on the sugar, sodium, flour, coffee and processed foods. I clocked in at least 10000 steps a day each day, one day I even came in just over 15000. I read somewhere the quote "If your moving your losing." and I keep repeating this in my head. Which is probably why the mister is giving me weird looks because I'm doing squats and crunches while watching tv! I feel better already, although I swear if you opened my fridge you would think I was nuts! I've got about 10 containers of berries in there right now and several containers of nut butters and so much fruit!
One of my best friends is back in town and I'm hoping to cheer her up with some physical activity outings. Some girls need ice cream and a bottle of wine but Savs is basically a guru of healthy things. She's a Kundalini yoga teacher, extremely talented tarot card reader, fitness buff and all around awesome woman. She's the one that taught me "The Reg".
What is The Reg? Well she learned it from when she was taking Gatka (seriously she's a ninja!) and it's pretty much awesome!
You start at 10 reps and each round you do one less.
So you do 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 crunches, with no stopping between.
Then 9 of each, 8, 7 and so on, at around the 7 or 6 mark you want to cry then once you hit 4 your like "this is cake!"
It takes about 7 minutes or so and when your all done you've done 55 of each.
The Reg is the reason I can do push ups on my toes now!! I decided last night to do it every day maybe even more than once or I might tweak it a bit and do two sets of each number. I added weights to it last night doing squat presses etc. I highly recommend it to everyone, it's simple, fast and you don't need anything but yourself to do it!


Lysandra said...

Oh this was very inspirational. I fell off the workout wagon when we moved three weeks ago. I need to just start with something simple like this to get me back into it!

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Um, that sounds like PURE


ugh i totally know how tough it is. sounds like u've got a good system though! my scale broke this weekend which i think was a blessing in disguise! :)