Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Who says you cantelope

So the only thing I didn't get on my list? Cardboard.

See under pressure = results!

I woke up on Friday morning at 7am and after a long breakfast, coffee and dog walk left at around 10am. By noon I had got everything and was sitting in a massage chair getting my nails did. After ruining my nails in record time(seriously does nail polish just not dry until you've messed one up?) I went home and packed, cleaned and made my bouquet.

Our witnesses picked us up and we drove and drove and drove and got to Montreal just before midnight, we would have got there earlier if Google maps hadn't given us the longer route and if we hadn't missed our last cut off. Luckily I know Montreal really, really well and guided our friend onto a faster route than turning around and doubling back to the missed cut off.

The hotel had upgraded us to a King suite which over looked the cathedral, which was so nice. We freshened up, changed clothes and went out for drinks at Le Cheval Blanche which is really cool looking inside, very retro. Surprisingly it was rather empty for a Friday night. We went bed around 3am.

The next day we got up around 9. I had a shower and headed to the hotel salon for my 10am appointment, my stylist was running late, which was fine a few minutes wouldn't ruin anything, I had tons of time. They served me an espresso and I sipped it slowly. She finished the girl she was working on at about 10:20. I switched into her chair and showed her photos and told her I wanted BIG 60's hair, the bigger the better. She started to round brush blow dry it and then about a minute of that asked me if it was ok if she finished another client who was getting colour done. Because I'm such a laid back person I said sure, figuring she was just going to blow her dry.

Nope, she was going to cut her hair and then style it and then the girl would say "oh can you also straighten it a bit?" as the minutes past I got more and more anxious. I hadn't ate breakfast and was already on my second coffee and OH MY GOD I WAS GETTING MARRIED HURRY THE FUCK UP!!!!! Finally she came back to me at 10:55.

She then proceeded to disregard the photos and when I said something she suggested that I just "wait and see, it looks lovely." which is also what she said when her two previous clients also asked for changes. The part I had questioned was the back, where I just wanted sleek and put into a french twist she did something "fun!" to which I replied that I "wasn't really a fun hair type of gal. I want big and 60's"

She finished my hair and then proceeded to spray it solid and I swear to God she purposely sprayed me in the face with hair spray. She wasn't nasty or anything, just the opposite really, and I was in such a good mood that I was letting things slide that I normally wouldn't. My hair took about 15 minutes to do. OH and about 3 minutes into starting my hair she told her manager that she could take a client at 11:30.

My hair was solid as a rock but it looked ok. Also it was $$$ which for 15 minutes of time and being an HOUR late sort of irked me, but I didn't complain at the time because I had a million other things on my mind. Plus it's just hair and I could fix what I didn't like, which in the end meant I ran my fingers through the tops and sides to unsolidify it and my veil hid the "fun" bit at the back. I hadn't wanted to look around for a salon, I wanted somewhere I could just wake up and go to and nothing was closer than in the hotel so really it's no biggie.

I then headed out to find myself some food. I found a turkey and swiss croissant at a Au Pain Dore and walked back to the hotel. It was yummy and I thought "I should get more updo's and eat more turkey swiss croissants while walking around." and then "This is the last bit of food I'll eat before I am married."

More later.


The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Welcome back! Sorry to hear about the hairdresser....I'm very irked for you! Luckily you didn't let if bother you..I don't think I would have been so nice. hehe. Can't wait to hear more.

Marie-Ève said...

Sorry about that place... Can you tell us the name so I'll *never* go there?

It was the same with the makeup girl the morning of my wedding. My mom and I went there saying, we're in a hurry, and she kept stopping to chat with random people for 10 minutes at a time, really taking her time, etc. Arrgh!