Friday, September 11, 2009

Eight days a week!

I'm trying not to stress out but with eight days(we leave in 7) to go I'm dressless, shoeless and eating candy non stop. I may or may not have started my day today with candy and coffee. Maybe.

I do however have a veil. I practically blinded myself making it. I've likened it to sewing fog with invisible thread. I mean if nothing else comes together then at least I have a veil! Oh and flowers I'll have those too and big hair and makeup and rings. I'm just missing the clothes.

One of my BFF's Savs (who sometimes reads this here blog HI!!!!) and I were talking on the phone yesterday and she asked me if I had my something old, new, borrowed, blue and I was all "yeps got it covered!" and then I thought about it more. I have my something old, my Nanny's charm bracelet, I have lots of new, I'm going to wrap something blue around my flowers....but borrowed....I don't have anything borrowed. I can't even remember what any of my married friends had for their borrowed things....I'm guessing jewellery? But I only want to wear my Nanny's bracelet...I do have my ears pierced but borrowed earrings? Isn't that like borrowed mascara?

What can I borrow?


Lysandra said...

Well you may be borrowing a dress if you don't go shopping young lady!

Hm, seriously I would say a necklace or something. Earrings would be OK if you clean them I guess but I agree it's a bit weird.

The Professional Bridesmaid said...

Nah, just cleaned them with alcohol and you're be fine! Have you been to It's on Queen St West....they have some really cute vintage dresses.

Krista said...

Earrings are not weird. Clean the earrings with lots of rubbing alcohol and there'll be no germies or yuckies left.

I only got my something borrowed on the day of my wedding! I mentioned it to my mom around noon I didn't have "something borrowed". And an hour later, I was wearing a gold bangle necklace of hers.

Necklace or earrings. Even an anklet? Or maybe a ring for your right hand? A hair pin to hold in your veil. Or a brooch.

Brooches used to be the most common, apparently.

Krista said...

p.s. do NOT borrow mascara!